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tÉlÉcharger weight watchers punkte plan pdf

Figure you point allowance: For the sake of consistency, we are going to recommend
that you use the more updated Points Plus system as that is what our current Weight
Watchers recipes points reflect, as well as future recipes and information here. Points Plus
is slightly different because it counts fruits and vegetables in their raw form as zero points.
All Weight Watchers followers have 49 Bonus/Flex Points per week. These can be used a
little each day, or in larger chunks on special days. It is best to use these in small
increments throughout the week.
The minimum number of points per day is 26 and the maximum is 71. Points are figured
according to your weight, height and lifestyle (active, sedentary, etc.)
To figure your recommended daily Weight Watchers points allowance, this points plus
allowable calculator is the way to go. This is accurate and the same as what you would
use if on the paid program.
Calculate points in your food. Now that you know how many points you need to use each
day, it’s time to figure out what points are in your food. There are a few ways to do this.
You can go the easy way and use a Weight Watchers calculator you have purchased from
You can also simply buy all of the Weight Watchers branded foods that already have the
points figured for you.
The best and most financially sound way to figure is to use this simple Weight Watchers
points calculator online. You enter information and it spits out the points for you. Basic,
easy and free.
Make healthy food choices. One of the great things about Weight Watchers is the fact
that there are no food restrictions. You are not told you can’t have something, you are
simply told to account for it in your points each day. The problem is, fueling your body with
unhealthy options isn’t going to give you the result you want. Yes, you may lose some
weight, but your body will still feel sluggish and either hungry or bloated and
uncomfortable. Using all 26 points on burgers and fries every day isn’t really changing your
wellness mentality. You really must work to change the way you look at food and work to
feed yourself better options more often than bad. Include some of your favorites on
occasion, but focus on healthier things the bulk of the time. Knowing how to do Weight
Watchers for free will save you the expense of monthly meetings that you can turn over and
pay for better healthier food options with instead.
Eat lean meats like fish, chicken and turkey.
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
Limit processed packaged foods and choose homemade instead
Increase low fat dairy
Seek accountability. Whether you join a free online group like Spark People, Facebook
groups or Google+ Circles, or you join with some local friends to hold you accountable this
is a key step. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to find accountability with friends, family
or even strangers online. Being accountable for your weekly success can help you stay on
track and make this not just a beginning, but a life long change for good.
As you continue this year long journey to physical, mental and financial health, focusing on
your health is going to be one of the big goals you have. Without good health, you cannot
begin to have good financial or mental health. This week as you learn how to do Weight
Watchers for free, we hope you are able to refocus and step forward with goals in mind that
you feel you can succeed with.





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