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ENGLISH 454: Studies in Creative Nonfiction
Fall 2015
Dr. Liahna Armstrong
L & L 403F
Office phone:
X. 3178
[email protected]
Office hours:
M 1:30-2:30; Th 1-2 and by appointment or email any time
Class meets:
M-W 3-4:40 PM in L & L 247
Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction, ed. Williford
and Martone, (Touchstone, 2007) (Abbreviated “TS”)
The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, Bill Bryson (Broadway
Books, 2006) (Abbreviated “Bryson”)
Assorted Handouts (Posted in Canvas or passed out, abbreviated “HO”)
Film: The Road from Coorain
Course description
This course is designed to introduce students to the rich, complex tradition of literary non-
fiction writing, primarily by American authors. We will explore the variant forms of this genre to
discover how writers probe personal and collective identity, tell stories about themselves and
others, and employ the mode to address the big and small questions of life—birth, childhood,
family, love, sexuality, home, work, nature, morality, ethnicity, gender, and many others.
Collectively, the works we read, ranging from brief short memoirs to longer essays and one
book-length remembrance, comprise an opulent tapestry of ideas, experiences, and perceptions,
using language as their primary vehicle of expression.
Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to identify the formal elements and genre conventions of literary
Students will master a vocabulary of relevant literary terms pertaining to the genre, of
of verbal artistry in general
Students will be able to analyze a wide range of works of literary nonfiction in their
cultural, historical, regional, and generic contexts.
Assessment of these outcomes by way of class discussions, written essays, exams, oral
presentations, and a final project.
Grading Criteria

Attendance/ Participation/Discussion
Midterm exam (Take Home)
Short written assignments
Final project
Week 1 (Sep 23: Introduction to literary nonfiction)
Week 2 (Sep 28, 30)
Reading: Schooling, Learning
TS xv-xviii.
Short response #1
HO’s: “To Begin With;” HO, Hampl, “Memory and
Imagination;” Johnson, “The Painful Path;” Barry,
“The Sanctuary of School;’ Scudder, “Learning to
See”; Thurber, “University Days;” Douglass, “Learning
to Read;” Welty, “In Love with Books.”
Due Sep 30
Week 3 (Oct 5, 7)
Ethnicity, Identity
TS: Tan, “Mother Tongue,” 514-519.
HO’s: Soto, “Like Mexicans;” Davidson, “Laughing in
Japanese;” Cofer, “Casa” and “The Myth of the Latin
Short response #2
Due October 7
Woman;’ Suh, “What’s in a Name;” Rodriguez, “None of
This is Fair;” Gates, “In the Kitchen.”
Week 4
(Oct 12, 14)
Reading: Home and Family
TS: Doty, “Return to Sender,” 152-164; Earley, “Somehow
Short reponse #3
Form a Family,” 167-175; Fletcher, “The Beautiful City,”
Due Oct 14
HO: Dolman, “Learning to Drive”’; Payne, “On the Beach”;
Huntley, “The Generous Years”; Moore, “Homes Away.”
Week 5 (Oct 19; no class Oct 21)
Reading: Family and Place
TS: Kooser, “Small Rooms,” 275-279; Levy, “Mastering
Short response #4
French Cooking,” 290-298; Martin, “Sorry,” 343-353.