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Jostein Gaarder
The orange girl
175 Pages
"My father died eleven years ago. I was only four then, I never thought I’d hear
from him again, but now we’re writing a book together."
To Georg Røed, his father is no more than a shadow, a distant memory. But
then one day his grandmother discovers some papers stuffed into the lining of
an old red pushchair. The pages are a letter to Georg, written just before his
father died, and a story, The Orange Girl.
But The Orange Girl is no ordinary story – it is a riddle from the past and
centres around an incident in his father's youth. One day he boarded a tram and
was captivated by a beautiful girl standing in the aisle, clutching a huge paper
bag of luscious-looking oranges. Suddenly the tram gave a jolt and he stumbled
forward, sending the oranges flying in all directions.
Since that day, his father became obsessed with finding out the identity of the
Orange Girl, and now, from beyond the grave, he is asking his son to help him
solve the puzzle...
"A whimsical, thought-provoking story, with more than one surprise in store"
(Good Book Guide)
"It should be read by all" (Vogue)
"A modern fairytale" (Heat)
In 1991, when Jostein Gaarder wrote
Sophie's World, he believed that a novel on
the history of philosophy would appeal only
to a specialist readership. In 1995 the book
was the most sold novel in the world.
To date Sophie's World has been translated
into 53 languages and has sold over 25
million copies. An unknown number of pirate
editions also exist. Jostein Gaarder's other
works, both his children's books and adult
novels such as The Solitaire Mystery,
Through a Glass, Darkly, Vita Brevis and The
Ringmaster's Daughter have proved hugely
popular and been published in a host of
Gaarder's profound personal commitment
and great fund of knowledge have inspired
readers all over the world to think and ask
questions about ourselves, our place in
history, and the world around us.
Kabalmysteriet, 1990.
Sofies verden, 1991.
Julemysteriet, 1992.
Bibbi Bokkens magiske bibliotek, 1993 (with
Klaus Hagerup).
I et speil, i en gåte, 1993.
Vita Brevis, 1996.
Maya, 1999.
Sirkusdirektørens datter, 2001.
De gule dvergene, 2006.
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" ...makes you cry without feeling that you’ve been tricked... a youth novel with
a bold approach to the really big questions; life and death." (Dagbladet)
"...a love-story of the classical sort" (VG)
"This book will captivate young and old readers alike with its gripping style and
exciting, bittersweet story..." (Aftenposten)
"A little miracle of a novel..." (Kristeligt Dagblad, Copenhagen)
Aschehoug 2003