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Discussion Questions
Skinny by Donna Cooner
1) What is the significance of the title? What are its various meanings in the novel? Why do you think
the author chose that title?
2) Do you have a "Skinny" in your life? What is his/her name? What does he/she say to you? How do
you respond?
3) How would you describe the character of Skinny?
4) Ever’s visualization of Skinny during the final confrontation is not what she expected. What did you
think of her appearance? How did she differ from your mental picture of Skinny?
5) During Ever’s final confrontation with Skinny, she calls her “my nagging constant – the nagging fairy
godmother whose voice led me down this path.” (p. 223) Do you think this is true? Why or why not?
6) What did you know about gastric bypass surgery before reading the novel? What did you learn that
you didn't know before?
7) Do you think gastric bypass was the right decision for Ever?
8) Do you think she could have achieved weight loss without gastric bypass? Why or why not?
9) After the surgery, Ever discovers she has a wider support network than she thought. Do you think
Ever could have been successful without these new friends supporting her? Why or why not?
10) After the prom, Ever says the following: “What a hypocrite. I felt like nothing, but I made everything
all about me.” (p. 232) What do you think she means? Why does it take her so long to come to this
11) Ever’s story has many parallels to the musical she stars in at the end of the novel, Cinderella. How is
her story similar to Cinderella’s? How does it differ?
12) How is Ever’s life different at the end of the novel in comparison to the beginning?