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Quickstart Guide for Skillpipe for Windows 8
System Requirements: Will Skillpipe for Windows 8 run on my
The Skillpipe Windows 8 App for Windows supports Windows 8.x.
System requirements

Hard disk space: 1GB
The Application will run on any device with Windows 8 or higher but to fully enjoy the
performance we recommend using at least a Surface Tablet, preferably a Surface Pro.
What do I need to do to access my courses with the Windows 8 App?
Pre-Conditions for using Skillpipe for Windows 8
Complete the following pre-conditions to use Skillpipe for Windows 8:
Navigate http://skillpipe.courseware-marketplace.com to create an account with Skillpipe.
Login to the Skillpipe Cloud Reader and redeem the course by entering the license key.
Download the course file (.bdb2) from the Skillpipe bookshelf.
Download and install the Windows 8 App. For additional information about downloading the
Reader App, please refer to section 4.
5. Start the Reader App for the first time while connected to the internet.**
6. Open the downloaded course file and start reading.
** Important: When using Skillpipe for Windows 8 for the first time, an active internet connection is
required to create your offline user profile and to synchronize the course access rights to this profile.
Without this step you will not be able to access the downloaded course file.
1.) Register with the Skillpipe Reader
Before you can access your digital courseware with the Windows 8 App, you first need to create an
account with the Skillpipe Cloud Reader. Please follow the steps below to complete your registration.
After registration you can register your courseware and then download the courseware and the
Windows 8 App for reading offline.
1. Navigate to the 'Sign In' screen by entering the following URL: http://skillpipe.coursewaremarketplace.com in your browser.
2. Click the 'or click here to register now' button.
3. A 'Registration' window opens. Please fill in all required information and the security check
captcha code to register. Review password requirements below.
4. Check the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of Skillpipe.
5. Check the data for completeness and correctness and click the 'Register' button.
6. A pop up will display, informing you to complete the registration process by clicking the link
in your e-mail.
7. Check your e-mail inbox and click on the link provided in the registration e-mail you received.
If you do not receive the e-mail, please click here to reach the RSC for your region.
8. You are navigated to the Skillpipe sign-in page, enter your e-mail address and password used
during account creation.
9. You are now signed in to the Reader.
10. Next step: Register your courseware. Please refer to section 2 for more information.
Password Requirements
Your password must meet the following requirements:
 A minimum of 8 characters
 Contain at least 1 symbol, such as: ! @ # $ % & * ( ) < > etc.
2.) Redeem a license key
To activate a new course with your account and add it to your bookshelf, please follow the steps
1. Go to your bookshelf via http://skillpipe.courseware-marketplace.com] and log in.
2. Click the '+ Add Book' button in the upper navigation.
3. In step 1, please enter the redemption code stated in your 'redemption e-mail' or on your
'redemption voucher' and the captcha code in the respective checkboxes.
4. Click the 'Next step' button.
5. In step 2, please accept the Enduser License Agreement by checking the box.
6. Click the 'Submit Code' button.
7. The course is added to your bookshelf.
3.) Download the course file from the bookshelf
To download a course file (.bdb2) from the bookshelf, please follow the steps below:
1. Go to your bookshelf via http://skillpipe.courseware-marketplace.com and log in.
2. In your bookshelf, click the book you would like to download. You will be presented with two
options 'Read Online' and 'Download'.
3. Click the 'Download' button to initiate the download process.
4. Depending on your browser settings, you may be able to select a download location or the
download will automatically store the file to the default download location for your browser.
Please note: you may use a downloaded file to provide training materials to multiple computers. You
only have to download it once and then freely install as you see fit. Each user may authorize up to
three different machines for accessing their offline courseware. Be aware, that only customers who
have a valid license to access the course will be able to open the distributed course file.
4.) Download Skillpipe for Windows 8
To download and install Skillpipe for Windows 8, please follow the steps below:
1. Navigate to http://skillpipe.courseware-marketplace.com.
2. The available Reader Apps are listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Please click on the
'Download now' button for the Windows 8 App to initiate the download via the
apps.microsoft.com page.
3. You are navigated to the 'Store'. Please click the 'Install' button to download the App.
4. After successful installation, please click on the 'Skillpipe' icon to open the Windows 8 App.
5. First login to Skillpipe for Windows 8
The first time you open Skillpipe for Windows 8, please use the e-mail address and password which
you used during the original registration process.
Please be aware, that only customers who have a valid license to access the course will be able to
open the downloaded course file. The access rights will be synchronized during the login process of
Skillpipe for Windows 8. For this reason, the first login requires an active internet connection. Once
these access rights are synchronized, you can also access the content offline.
If you redeem a new course, this information needs to synchronize with the Windows 8 App. Before
you can access a new course with Skillpipe for Windows 8, the App needs to synchronize to your
online user profile. To do this, just start the Reader App on the selected computer with an active
internet connection.
6. Opening the course file
If you have downloaded the course file to your hard drive, you have two ways to open it: The easiest
way to open the course file is to double click on it. If you have installed Skillpipe for Windows 8
already, it will automatically launch the Application and bring you to the login screen.