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Daa’wah Manual
‘Clarifying some Issues in Prayers through Evidence’
Hands to be placed on chest in Prayer
Pg 2
Raising hands in Prayer (Rafadain)
Pg 4
No difference between the Prayer of Men and Women
Pg 7
Witr Prayer should not be Prayed like Maghrib
Pg 9
No Qaza for the Prayer Missed Deliberately or Knowingly Pg 11
The Sunnah Rakaat in Taraaweeh is Eight not Twenty
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Dated: 9th August 2012
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(1) Hands to be Placed on Chest in Prayer
Waail ibn Hujr narrates that, "I prayed with the Prophet and he placed his right hand upon
his left on his chest." Ibn Khuzaymah 479, Sahih Hadith by Albani also authenticated by Ibn
Hajr in Fathul-Baari (2/224)
Tawoos narrated: ‘The Messenger of Allaah PBUH used to place his right hand upon his left
hand and plant them firmly upon his chest while in prayer’. Abu Dawud 759, Sahih by
Albani, Sahih by Zubair Ali Zai
Qabiysa ibn Hulb the Taab'iee narrates from his father Hulb, that, "I saw the Prophet and he
was turning to his right and left in the prayer and I saw that, in the prayer, he would place
his right hand upon his left on his chest." Musnad Ahmad 21967, Shaikh Albani said, the
Isnaad can be traced to the level of Hasan also Al Tirmidhi said Hasan, Sahih Abu Dawud
3/345 and Ahkaam Janaaiz 1/118 of Albani also Sahih Lighairih by Al Aranout except "on his
chest" also also authenticated by Ibn Hajr in Fathul-Baari (2/224)
Narrated Ali ibn AbuTalib: Jarir ad-Dabbi reported: I saw Ali RA catching hold of his left
hand by his right hand on the wrist above the navel. Abu Dawud 757, Shaikh Albani said in
Irwa Ghaleel 2/70, the Isnaad can be traced to the level of Hasan, Zubair Ali Zai said Hasan.
Narrated Sahl bin Sa'd: The people were ordered to place the right hand on the left forearm in
the prayer. Abu Hazim said, "I knew that the order was from the Prophet ." Bukhari :: Book 1
:: Volume 12 :: Hadith 707
Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet PBUH used to say: We, the company of prophets, have been
commanded to hasten the breaking of the fast, to delay the meal before the fast, and to place
our right arms on our left arms during prayer. Ibn Hibban 1770, Sahih by Albani and Sahih
by Al Aranout.
We can understand from the above two ahadith that if the right hand were to be placed upon the
left forearm as stated above then naturally, the hands would rest on the chest or atleast above
the navel.
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Narrated Aasim bin Kulayb, with the same isnaad and meaning, "He (PBUH) placed his right
hand over the back of his palm, wrist, and arm....." Abu Dawud 727, Sahih by Albani, Al
Aranout said, Strong Isnaad and Zubair Ali Zai said Isnaad Sahih.
Shaikh Albani said, "If, someday, this person acts upon this Saheeh hadeeth, by placing his
right hand over the palm, wrist, and arm of his left hand without any takallaf, then he will
automatically find himself placing his hands on his chest. And he will come to know that
when he and the Ahnaaf like him, place their hands below the navel and close to the private
part, then they are actually going against this hadeeth". [Intro Sifaat Salaat an-Nabi: Pg 16]
Weak Ahadith for Placing the Hand Below Navel
Abu Juhayfah said: Ali said that it is a sunnah to place one hand on the other in prayer
below the navel. Abu Dawud 756, Daeef by Albani, Al Aranout said, Isnaad Daeef and Zubair
Ali Zai said Isnaad Daeef. (AbdurRahman bin Ishaq is daeef and Ziyad bin Zayd is Majhool)
Narrated Abu Hurayrah: (The established way of folding hands is) to hold the hands by the
hands in prayer below the navel. Abu Dawud 758, Daeef by Albani, Al Aranout, Zubair Ali
Zai, Imam Nawawi and Ibn Hajar. (AbdurRahman bin Ishaq Al Koofi is daeef).
Zayd bin Ali narrated to me, From his Father, From his Grandfather, From Ali RA that: "Three
things are from the Akhlaaq of the Prophets PBUH, hastening the Iftar, Delaying the
Suhoor, and tying the wrist over the (other) wrist below the navel." Musnad Zayd bin Ali.
Fabricated (Maudhu) hadith. Ad Dhahabi said “Abdul Azeez bin Ishaaq Baqqaal is mardood in
hadith and has written books in the favor of Zaydiyah Madhab" [Mizaan I'tidaal Vol 4 Pg 358].
One of the narrator is ‘Abu Khaalid Amr bin Khaalid Waasiti’, Imam Ahmad and Yahya ibn
Maaen said he is Liar (Kazzab). [Tahdheeb at-Tahdheeb: Vol 8 Pg 24 and Al-Jarah wal Ta'deel:
Vol 6 Pg 230]. Imam Bukhari said he is Munkar in hadith. (Taareekh Sagheer Pg 139). The
same hadith was also narrated by Anas RA which is quoted by Ibn Hazm in Al Muhalla 2/624,
and declared Daeef by Ahmad Shakir in Tahkeeq Al Muhalla.
Ibrahim Nakhai said, "One should put the right hand on the left hand in the prayer] under
the navel” Musannaf Ibn Abu Shaiba 3939, This is a Athaar of a minor Tabai and contradicts
the Marfu Sahih ahadith of the Prophet PBUH and His Companions.
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(2) Raising Hands in Prayer ( Rafadain)
Imam Bukhari said, "It is reported from the seventeen Sahabas of the Prophet PBUH that they
used to raise their Hands before and after going to ruku’ (bowing). Among them are:
1. Umar bin Al-Khattab
2. Ali bin Abi Taalib
3. Abdullah bin Umar bin Al-Khattab
4. Abdullah bin Abbas bin Abdul-Muttalib
5. Anas bin Malik
6. Abu Hurairah
7. Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-‘Aas