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s. Why did BaM'u'lldh accept to be made a prisoner?
Why did Bah£'u'lldh drink the cup of sorrow?.
u. Why did Bahi'u'llali accept to be abased?
v. Why did Bahd'u'llali suffer so many afflictions?
w. Did Bahd'u'lldh accept to suffer because He was powerless to do otherwise?
x. If Baha'u'llali was not powerless before His enemies, then why did He accept to
y. Why should we accept suffering and hardship in serving the Cause of God?
In sharing a deepening theme with those you visit, you need to have clear in your
mind the essential points you wish to convey to them. What are the essential ideas
contained in the above presentation? Can you make a list of them?
In order to be well understood, ideas have to be presented in a logical sequence. If
you have not already done so, make sure that your list presents a logical sequence of
ideas by numbering them.
Share with your group a story, either from the early history of the Faith or based on
recent events familiar to you, that demonstrates firmness in the Covenant. Some
stories may lend themselves to being acted out in skits.
Deepening Themes - 29