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Touchscreen LCD Monitor
Share, Collaborate, Communicate—
An Intuitively Easy Touchscreen Solution
For All the Ease and Impact of Touchscreen Interaction
As a highly intuitive integrated touchscreen LCD monitor, the PN-L802B/L702B/L602B makes conventional presentation tools
look out of touch with the communication needs of today’s businesses and academic institutions. Along with superb image
quality and easy operation, the PN-L802B/L702B/L602B brings the convenience of onscreen writing to a range of professional
uses. Whether in a business setting or a classroom, functioning as an interactive whiteboard or as part of a videoconferencing
system, the versatile PN-L802B/L702B/L602B brings easy communication and touch-and-show efficiency to your
presentations. Isn’t it time to get in touch?
A Multitude of Applications—Enhancing Communication in So Many Ways
In spacious lecture halls or conference rooms,
the PN-L802B/L702B/L602B can be linked to a
large Sharp video wall that keeps all
participants fully engaged. Sharp’s interactive
whiteboards can also link with separate venues
for remote learning and two-way
The big, bright screen brings those far away
much closer in just-like-being-there
videoconferences*. To facilitate communication,
participants can digitally display documents
and write notations directly on the screen.
* Requires separately sold videoconferencing system.
Touch control lets users change pages and
enlarge or move an object, while a touch pen
lets them make annotations, keep track of new
proposals, and maintain the focus of
discussions. Simultaneously displaying text,
images, and handwritten notes gives
presenters a persuasive edge.
As an all-purpose showroom enhancer, the
PN-L802B/L702B/L602B can be used to
display product information, demonstrations,
and more. And when the interactive whiteboard
is hooked up to a Sharp MFP, onscreen info
can be quickly printed out for customers.
Connectivity with Other Equipment Expands Communicative Potential
MFP Connectivity
Documents and images scanned from a colour-scan-capable
Sharp MFP can be imported directly to the pen software for
display on the LCD monitor. For added convenience, image data
shown onscreen—including notations—can be saved to a PC or
sent directly to an MFP for printout.
Write or draw
directly on the image
the image
to the display
a paper document
with an MFP
Video Wall Connectivity
Linking the PN-L802B/L702B/L602B to a
multi-screen configuration of Sharp
PN-V602/V601 monitors enables the
instant display of content as it’s created
and makes even small text easily visible.
the data
to a PC
Note: Depending on the system, separately sold peripheral equipment may be required. Consult your local dealer for more information.
PC Connectivity
Linking the PN-L802B/
L702B/L602B to a PC makes
it easy to bring up shared
documents stored on a
cloud. And after meetings,
whiteboard notes saved on
the PC as PDF documents
can be e-mailed with ease to
all concerned parties.
Simple and Straightforward Operation Via Touch Pen or Finger
Dual-Touch Interface
Simple and Intuitive User Interface
Developed specifically for Sharp
touchscreen LCD monitors, the
bundled Sharp Pen Software allows
anyone to smoothly and easily operate
the PN-L802B/L702B/L602B. Once
documents created on any application
software have been imported as
images and displayed on the
touchscreen, users can quickly write
and draw directly on the screen
surface using the bundled touch pen
or a finger.
This user-friendly interface supports
onscreen functions for pen-colour and
line-thickness selection as well as an