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Book Title:-Management of Information Technology
Author :-Carroll W Frenzel | John Frenzel
ISBN :-9788131503515
Price :-INR 550
Pages :-640
Edition :-4
Binding :-Paperback
Imprint :-Delmar
© Year :-2007
Overview :
'Management of Information Technology, Fourth Edition, is a comprehensive survey of the fundamental
principles and practices necessary for managers to succeed in modern information-centric organizations. IT
departments in today's Web-based e-business world are in transition, moving from self-sufficiency toward
managed dependencies in order to support aggressive and cost-effective e-commerce strategies. Managers in
these high-performance organizations must implement disciplined processes and exhibit management
maturity to effectively exploit the power of modern Information Technology. This text illustrates those
successful principles and processes that have demonstrated lasting value to modern organizations. These
lessons are valuable to students of management across many disciplines.
Table Of Content :
'Part I: Foundations of IT Management 1. Managing in the Information Age 2. Information Technology's
Strategic Importance 3. Developing the Organization's IT Strategy 4. Information Technology Planning *
Part II: Technology, Legislative, and Industry Trends 5. Hardware and Software Trends 6. Modern
Telecommunications Systems 7. Legislative and Industry Trends * Part III: Managing Software Applications
8. Managing Application Portfolios 9. Managing Application Development 10. Development and
Acquisition Alternatives 11. Managing E-Business Applications * Part IV: Superior Practices in Managing
Systems 12. Developing and Managing Customer Expectations 13. Managing Computer and Data Resources
14. Managing E-Business and Network Systems * Part V: Controlling and Securing Information Resources
15. Measuring IT Investments and Returns 16. IT Controls and Asset Protection, and Security * Part IV:
Preparing for IT Advances 17. People, Organizations, and Management Systems 18. The Chief Information
Officer's Role
Book Title:-Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with the Unified
Author :-John W. Satzinger | Robert B. Jackson | Stephen D. Burd
ISBN :-9788131502693
Price :-INR 675
Pages :-654
Edition :-1
Binding :-Paperback
Imprint :-Delmar
© Year :-2007
Overview :
'This pure Object-Oriented approach gives students a cutting edge approach to the future of the design and
analysis market.
Table Of Content :
'System Development and the Unified Process The World of the Modern Systems Analyst Object-Oriented
Development and the Unified Process Project Management and the Inception Phase Modeling and the
Requirements Discipline Business Modeling and Requirements Activities Use Cases and Domain
ModelsUse Case Modeling The Design Discipline Design Activities and Environments Use Case
Realization in an Iteration Advanced Design Principles and Patterns Designing the Data Access
LayerDesigning the User Interface Layer Designing System Interfaces, Controls, and Security
Implementation, Test, and Deployment Disciplines Making the System Operational Agile Development
Book Title:-Object-oriented Analysis and Design using UML
Author :-Ugrasen Suman | Sanjeev Kumar Sharma | Maya Rathore
ISBN :-9789387994218
Price :-INR 399
Pages :-384
Edition :-1
Binding :-Paperback
Imprint :-CL India
© Year :-2019
Overview :
Object-oriented technology has made a significant impact in the software industry in the last few years.
These days, small-scale as well as large-scale softwares are developed using this technology, which uses
object-oriented approach to software development. Object-oriented approach is based on modeling objects
for problem solving in the real world with the help of modeling tools. Object-oriented models are easily
translated to object-oriented programs. Object-oriented analysis and design is the most widely used approach
for visual modeling, analysis, design, and development of a software system and fosters better stakeholder
communication and product quality. Unified Modelling Language (UML) is a popular object-oriented
modeling language for object-oriented systems. This book presents concepts pertaining to object-oriented
analysis and design, and illustrations are discussed using UML.
Table Of Content :
1. Object-oriented Concepts
2. Software Development Process
3. Unified Modeling Language
4. Object-oriented Analysis
5. Object-oriented Design
6. Implementation and Object-oriented Languages
7. Object-oriented Databases
8. Software Reuse
9. Design Patterns
Book Title:-Unified Object-Oriented Modeling, Analysis & Design
Author :-Sanchari Saha
ISBN :-9789386668172
Price :-INR 325
Pages :-272
Edition :-1
Binding :-Paperback
Imprint :-CL India
© Year :-2019
Overview :
In this book, every chapter has been explained thoroughly, and the concepts are given in a straightforward
manner chapter-wise numerous real-time examples and case studies are also given. Students can easily grasp
several object-oriented concepts from this book and utilize in their academic course in a fluid manner. The
book shows how all the object-oriented themes can be combined together and applied on the overall system
development methodology. It also showcases a precise concept on UML, basic UML notation, diagrams
related to UML and also how these UML components can be used together with object-oriented concepts.
The book will prove to be highly useful for an individual to study and get a simple well-defined approach for
understanding object orientation methods.
Table Of Content :
Module 1 Modeling Concepts and Class Modeling