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Transcript of “Carb Back-Loading with John Kiefer”
Bulletproof Radio podcast #19
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Podcast #19, John Kiefer
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Podcast #19, John Kiefer
Today's  cool  fact  of  the  day  is  about  ringing  in  the  ears.  If  you  have  
ever  gone  to  a  loud  concert  or  had  an  exposure  to  like  an  airplane  
engine  and  your  ears  are  ringing,  you  have  had  a  symptom  of  
inner  ear  damage  which  is  also  known  as  Tinnitus.  That's  a  
perception  of  ringing  or  buzzing,  roaring,  clicking,  whistling  and  
what  not  when  there  isn't  actually  a  sound  there.  
The  normal  explanation  for  this  is  that  your  ears  have  tiny  little  
hairs  called  cilia  that  move  based  on  the  different  pressures  of  the  
sound  waves  that  travel  through  them.  That  is  something  that  
then  triggers  your  auditory  nerves  to  send  a  signal  to  your  brain  
which  then  says,  "Hey,  I  heard  something."  And  it's  true,  if  you  
damaged  those  hairs  they  can  get  broken  and  they  can  send  the  
wrong  signals  to  your  brain  which  can  make  the  ringing  sound.  
The  other  thing  that  Bio  Hackers  know  that  can  cause  a  ringing  
sound  is  actually  jaw  tension  believe  it  or  not.  If  you  have  excess  
tension  in  your  jaw  that  affects  your  trigeminal  nerve,  one  of  the  
side  effects  of  that  is  ringing  in  the  ears.  It  can  happen  from  the  
nerves  or  it  can  happen  from  the  hairs  in  your  ears.  Either  one  
You're  listening  to  Episode  19  of  Upgraded  Self  Radio  with  Dave  
from  The  Bulletproof  Executive  Blog.  Today  we  have  a  really  good  
interview  with  John  Kiefer,  a  software  geek  turned  exercise  
physiologist.  Can  you  say  Bio  Hacker?  Kiefer,  as  he  goes  by,  uses  
his  knowledge  of  systems  thinking  to  improve  human  
performance.  Today,  we  talk  about  his  unique  system  of  nutrient  
timing  called  Carb  Back-­‐Loading.  If  you  are  one  of  those  people  
who  wants  to  gain  as  much  muscles  as  you  can  with  a  minimum  
amount  of  fat  or  just  maintain  a  healthy  weight  without  driving  
yourself  crazy,  there  is  some  methods  in  the  show  that  may  very  
well  be  right  for  you.    
Now,  we’re  going  to  have  our  exclusive  interview  with  John  Kiefer  
on  Carb  Back-­‐Loading.  
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Podcast #19, John Kiefer
We  have  John  Kiefer,  who  goes  by  Kiefer,  who’s  an  exercise  
scientist,  a  nutrition  expert  and  author  of  the  new  book  “Carb  
Back-­‐Loading”.  Kiefer  applies  his  knowledge  from  a  career  in  
Physics  to  hack  the  human  body  for  fat  loss,  muscle  gain  and  
improved  performance.  You  guys  can  all  tell  why  we  would  invite  
Kiefer  on  the  show,  he’s  another  Biohacker.  He  writes  about  his  
work  at  dangerouslyhardcore.com.  He’s  the  author  of  the  Carb  
Nite  Solution  and  is  releasing  a  new  book  that’s  designed  for  rapid  
fat  loss  and  muscle  gain.  
Kiefer  is  coming  on  Upgraded  Self  Radio  to  help  you  do  what  some  
people  call  alchemy  -­‐  burning  fat  and  building  muscle  at  the  same  
time.  Kiefer,  welcome  to  the  show.  
Thanks.  I  appreciate  the  invite.  
Tell  us,  how  did  you  get  interested  in  diet  and  health  in  the  first  
Just  kind  of,  it  seems  to  be  a  typical  story  in  this  industry  but  I  just  
grew  up  as  a  very  portly  kid.  My  parents  had  no  idea  about  
nutrition  so  it  was  breakfast,  breakfast  cereals  and  then  that  led  to  
me  watching  TV  a  lot  and  eating  loaves  of  bread.  My  mom  actually  
stopped  buying  butter  because  I’d  go  in  and  sneak  a  bite  off  of  a  
stick  of  butter  in  the  refrigerator  whenever  I  had  the  opportunity.  
I  just  didn’t  have  the  best  eating  habits.  
I  started  off  in  private  school  and  everybody  knew  each  other.  It