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The Mechanics of Sexual Intercourse
6.1 Introduction
The sexual cohabitation (intercourse) between a man and
a woman is such an act which converges, the personality of
both on one point. No relation between two human beings is
as complete or as deep as the act of intercourse.
First of all it is necessary to understand that in our every
act, body and mind participate to some extent. Their
incoordination can cause deterioration in the natural standard
of performance of a human being.
This is very true for sexual organs too. The disorder in the
performance of sexual organs is usually due to their lack of
co-ordination with the mind.
6.2 Aims
Sexual intercourse achieves two important objectives for
(i) Propagation of life through procreation.
(ii) Complete satisfaction of the couple.
6.3 Readiness
A woman does not develop the passion for intercourse as
soon as a man therefore it is necessary to arouse her sexual
feelings in various ways. In our every act, whatever its nature,
we make use of sensory and motor systems. Intercourse is no
exception to this rule. A man makes use of all these systems
for sexual intercourse.
Attractive Voice
A woman may be very beautiful or less, but her voice is
usually melodious and attractive. A song rendered by a
woman is sweeter than that by a man. Music and singing and
the use of bells, trinkets and other ornaments, selection of
girls as announcers in radio and as telephone operators is on
the basis of an attractive voice. Expression of the natural
attraction, as well as laughing and joking spark the fuel of sex.
Therefore in getting ready for intercourse, making use of the
stimulus of sound is appropriate.
The Human Body
The form of a woman‟s body with its enchanting lines and
curves has acted as a stimulus for poetry and painting
throughout the world. When a man and a woman become one
in the eyes of religion, law and society any inhibition between
the two can neither be possible nor appropriate. It is possible
that conservative ideas prevent a woman from becoming
naked for intercourse but then it will depend on the ability of
the man to gradually coax her in this act by introducing her to
this source of mutual pleasure. This will stimulate sex and the
partners will seek more pleasure from each other. This act of
husband and wife, in privacy, can neither be termed as
shameful nor sinful rather it is equivalent to an act of worship.
It is a biological f act that the male and female scents act
as sex stimulants. It will be foolish on the part of an intelligent
and knowledgeable person not to use perfumes from sources
other than these. It is not without reason that scented objects
have been in use for centuries. Our predecessors even knew
which scents were better stimulants in particular weathers.
Present day ignorant do not make much use of fragrance
during such a subtle and deep relationship, instead they
present the ash and foul smell of cigarettes and the stench of
perspiration to their wife.
Ignorant and unaware wives greet their husbands with kitchen
smoke and perspiration. Those who are modern make use of
perfume, only for occasions and parties, to be more
acceptable for the guests. This act of theirs is not permitted by
Islam and is not rational. At this point permit me to say that a
good wife should adopt the manners of a prostitute in front of
her husband, but be the opposite in the company of others.
In addition to the cleanliness of the body and dress,
keeping the bed and its environment fragrant will also
enhance the sexual pleasure of conjugal life. In addition to the
stench of cigarettes other sources of bad smell, i.e. gastric
disturbance, and unhealthy teeth and gums also can cause
Men and women when stimulated sexually, usually start
with kissing. It usually starts from lips because they are more
sensitive as compared to other parts of the face. Inner parts of
lips, the tongue and its adjacent parts in addition to the sense
of taste also have subtle sensations of pleasure. Because of
this sucking each other‟s lips and tongue causes
enhancement of sexual desire and then the partners proceed
to the caressing of the sex organs.
Researches have explained that the surface area of an
average body is about twenty-seven square feet. Sensation of
heat, cold, pain and touch are present all over the skin
surface. A famous sexologist writes that, “Intentional touching
of any part of the body of the beloved, even if this touching
involves parts of body other than the sexual organs, is
equivalent to half the intercourse”. We know of certain areas,
on this sensitive surface, which are called the “erogenous
These areas are as follows: (1) Earlobe (2) Neck (3) Lips (4)
Breasts (5) Nipples (6) Chest and abdomen (7) Inner aspect