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Creating Hyperlinks & Buttons – Adobe DPS, InDesign CS6
Creating Hyperlinks
& Buttons – InDesign CS6
Hyperlinks panel overview
You can create hyperlinks so that when you export to Adobe PDF or SWF in InDesign, a viewer
can click a link to jump to other locations in the same document, to other documents, or to
websites. Hyperlinks you export to PDF or SWF in InCopy are not active.
A source is hyperlinked text, a hyperlinked text frame, or a hyperlinked graphics frame. A
destination is the URL, file, email address, page text anchor, or shared destination to which a
hyperlink jumps. A source can jump to only one destination, but any number of sources can
jump to the same destination.
Additional Resources
● http://tinyurl.com/indesign-hyperlinks
A. Hyperlink source
B. List of hyperlinks in the current document
C. Hyperlink status icons
Creating Hyperlinks & Buttons – Adobe DPS, InDesign CS6
Creating hyperlinks
You can create hyperlinks to pages, URLs, text anchors, email addresses, and
files. If you create a hyperlink to a page or text anchor in a different document,
make sure that the exported files appear in the same folder.
To show or hide
hyperlinks, choose View > Extras > Show Hyperlinks or Hide Hyperlinks.
Note: Hyperlinks are included in exported Adobe PDF files if Hyperlinks is selected in
the Export Adobe PDF dialog box in InDesign. Hyperlinks are included in the exported
SWF file if Include Hyperlinks is selected in the Export SWF dialog box.
Open the Hyperlinks panel

Choose Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks.
Choose Window > Type & Tables > Cross-References.
Create a hyperlink to a web page (URL)
You can use several different methods to create hyperlinks to URLs. When
you specify a URL, you can use any valid Internet resource protocol: http://,
file://, ftp://, or mailto://. You may want to create a unique character style for
hyperlinks to hint at interactivity.
1. Select the text, frame, or graphic you want to be the hyperlink’s source. For example, you
can select the text, “See the Adobe website.”
2. In the Hyperlinks panel, use any of the following methods to create a hyperlink to a URL:

In the URL text box, type or paste the URL name (such as http://
www.adobe.com), and then choose New Hyperlink from the Hyperlinks panel.
Choose URL from the Link To menu, specify appearance options, and click OK.

If a URL is selected in your document, choose New Hyperlink From URL in the
Hyperlinks panel menu. Double-click the hyperlink in the Hyperlinks panel, and
then choose URL from the Link To menu, specify appearance options, and click

Select a previously added URL from the URL menu. The hyperlink appearance
is the same as that used in the previous URL.

Choose New Hyperlink in the Hyperlinks panel menu. Choose URL from the
Link To menu, specify appearance options, and click OK.
Convert URLs to hyperlinks automatically
Creating Hyperlinks & Buttons – Adobe DPS, InDesign CS6
You can find and convert URLs (such as “www.adobe.com”) in your document and convert
them to hyperlinks.
1. Choose Convert URLs To Hyperlinks from the Hyperlinks panel menu.
2. For Scope, indicate whether your want to convert URLs in the entire document, the
current story, or the current selection.
3. To apply a character style to the hyperlink, select a character style from the Character
Style menu.
4. Do any of the following, and then click Done.
○ Click Find to locate the next URL.
○ Click Convert to convert the current URL to a hyperlink.
○ Click Convert All to convert all URLs to hyperlinks.
Manage hyperlinks
Use the Hyperlinks panel to edit, delete, reset, or locate hyperlinks. In InCopy, you can manage
hyperlinks only if the story is checked out for editing.
Edit hyperlinks
In the Hyperlinks panel, double-click the item you want to edit.
In the Edit Hyperlinks dialog box, make changes to the hyperlink as necessary, and then click
Note: To edit a hyperlink to a URL, select the hyperlink, edit the URL in the URL text box, and
then press Tab or Enter.
Delete hyperlinks
When you remove a hyperlink, the source text or graphic remains. Select the item or items
you want to remove in the Hyperlinks panel, and then click the Delete button at the bottom of
the panel.
Rename a hyperlink source
Renaming the hyperlink source changes the way it appears in the Hyperlinks panel.
1. In the Hyperlinks panel, select the hyperlink.
2. Choose Rename Hyperlink from the Hyperlinks panel menu, and specify a new name.
Create buttons
You can create buttons that perform an action when the document is exported to SWF or PDF
format. For example, you can create a button that jumps to a different page or opens a website.
Creating Hyperlinks & Buttons – Adobe DPS, InDesign CS6
Button set up to play movie in exported PDF
When you create a button, you can do the following:
● Use the Buttons panel to make the buttons interactive. When a user clicks a button in
the exported SWF or PDF file, an action is performed.
● Use the Appearance section of the Buttons panel to define the appearance the button
takes in response to certain mouse actions.