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Official Frequently
Asked Questions from
Version 8.4
August 2008

Getting Started
Movement (Double-Space Figures)
Special Attacks
Terrain Questions
Common Special Powers
Card/Rules Errata
Figure Questions
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If you can't find the answer to your question in the FAQ, the Wizards of the Coast Customer Service
Team will be happy to help you. You can contact Customer Service by sending an e-mail, using the E-mail
Us Tab on their Help page, or by calling 1-800-324-6496 (US/Canada) or 425-204-8069 (All other
In the overall story, which Valkyrie Generals are allies, which ones are enemies?
Normally the good/bad lines are drawn as follows:
Good: Jandar & Aquilla
Bad: Utgar
Neutral with slight leanings toward one side or the other: Ullar, Vydar, Einar. Currently, with the evolution
of the conflict described in Thormun’s Journal: Jandar’s alliance consists of Jandar, Ullar, Einar, Vydar, &
Aquilla all pitted against Utgar’s terrifying forces.
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Getting Started
When building a battlefield, can you stack water tiles?
No. Water (and tiles like water) is considered on the level below them, so we do not recommend stacking
What do I do if I have more figures than spots in the starting zone?
Count out the number of spaces your Army will consist of (counting 2 spaces for each double-space
figure). If your Army (including figures that do not start on the board) consists of more spaces than the
scenario allows in your given starting zone, you must remove figures from your Army until the number of
spaces your Army consists of matches, or is less than the number of starting zone spaces.
Order Markers - Can you place all of your order markers on one card if you want?
On some of the Marvel Heroscape Cards, there is an S symbol on the card. What does that S symbol
Per page 7 of the Marvel: The Conflict Begins rulebook, The S stands for Super Strength. Not all figures in
the Marvel Universe have Super Strength. A figure with Super Strength is not affected by the Falling and
Major Falling rules, and they will also ignore any special powers that give automatic shields to Destructible
Can you ever have the same Unique figure(s) in an Army twice?
A: No. You can never under any circumstances have 2 of the same Unique figure(s) or (Unique
Heroes/Squads with the same name) in the same Army.
What figures are considered friendly?
Per Page 8 of the Swarm of the Marro rules, friendly figures are your own figures and teammate’s figures.
All figures you control are always considered friendly. Whenever you are allied with a teammate at the
beginning of a scenario and you have the same goals & victory conditions, any figures you both control are
considered friendly. A temporary alliance between opponents during a battle doesn’t change anything.
Remember, alliances can always change (unless stated at the beginning of a scenario), so even when you
have a temporary truce with an opponent, that opponent’s figure is never considered friendly.
Winning: In an all out battle where you have to destroy all of your opponent’s figures, when are
victory conditions checked?
Victory conditions are checked at the end of each turn after all end of turn abilities are completed. This is
important, as there are many powers where figures can change hands temporarily. Victory conditions
(unless otherwise stated in the scenario) are checked at the end of each turn, not in the middle of it.
©2008 Hasbro, Inc. HEROSCAPE and its logo are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. in the USA and
other countries. Permission granted to photocopy for personal use only.
See below for a list of all glyphs
What does it mean if a Glyph must be placed “symbol” or “power” side up?
Power-side up means that you can see what that glyph is. Symbol-side up means that the glyph is flipped
over and is only revealed when a figure steps on it. There are certain Glyphs (like the Glyph of Kelda) that
can never be placed symbol-side up because of restrictions on the glyph. For example, a Squad figure can’t
step on the Glyph of Kelda. That is why it can never be placed symbol-side up
Do water/glyphs add height to the tile they are on?
No, they are considered on the same height as the hex below them. From page 9 of the Swarm of the Marro
rules: "Note: Glyphs, water tiles and swamp water tiles do not add height to any spaces on which they’re
Do flying/leaping figures have to stop when flying over Glyphs?
Flying & leaping figures (as well as figures that have other leap-like powers) can pass over glyphs without
If I step on the Glyph of Kelda with one of my squad figures, can one of my previously destroyed
squad figures come back to life?
No, because only figures with one or more wound markers can step on this glyph. All squads have a life of
1, which means they would never have a wound marker placed on them. Thus, they cannot step on the
If I have a figure on the Glyph of Lodin, is adding one to the die roll optional? For example, if I’m
rolling for Massive Curse (Glyph of Mitonsoul) on an opponent’s figure and I roll a one, can I choose
not to add one to my die roll and destroy his figure?
Yes. The keyword in the Glyph of Lodin wording is “may”. You may add one to any 20 sided die roll while
standing on the Glyph of Lodin. If you think it helps you by not adding the one, you may choose not to.
Can the Glyph of Lodin help with a D20 roll on a Special Attack?