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The Life of Isa in Islam:
Written by: Ahmad Musa Jibril
The life of the Prophet Isa alayhe salam has been a topical issue of late in the media
as well as in popular culture. There is a new awareness and heightened curiosity
worldwide regarding the amazing life and miracles of Isa alayhe salam. His
personality has impacted the three major religions of this world, namely Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam. Given the importance of his time on earth, it is critical for
mankind to fully understand his pivotal role in shaping history as well as the final
The importance of Isa alayhe salam is apparent in the status that is assigned to him in
Islam. He was the last messenger and prophet before the Prophet Muhammad salla
allahu alayhe wasalam, as well as the last messenger of Bani Israel. Allah has
bestowed a special favor on the family of Isa alayhe salam by mentioning his name 25
times, and his mother‟s 31 times in the Quran. Isa‟s name is mentioned in the Quran
even more than the Prophet Muhammad‟s name. Prophet Isa‟s mention is noted in
ten different situations in the Quran. There is even an entire chapter (surah) named
after Isa‟s mother, Maryam alayha salam, as well as his grandparents, Al-Imran
alayhum asalam, who were chosen over all of mankind. This surah, Surat Al-Imran,
also reveals the story of Maryam alayha salam. It outlines a description of her
lineage and upbringing. It also relates the pure conception and birth of Isa alayhe
The fact that Isa‟s story is mentioned in the Quran, highlights his importance. There
are incidents mentioned related to him or his mother in one part, and then completed
in another. This adds to the reader‟s curiosity concerning his status and keeps one
interested in his story, and his revered status in Islam.
At the crux of the Isa story is how he is caught between two groups. On the
one hand, there are the Jews, who in their hatred claim that he is not a messenger
and want nothing less than his crucifixion. On the other hand, there are the
Christians, who raised him to a level of extreme glorification, claiming he is the son of
God and God‟s incarnate.
There were among the children of Israel many pious people, and from them
was the family of Imran alayhum asalam, as stated in the Quran.
‫ِإ َّناى َّن َطى اْص َط َط ى َطآ َط ى َط ُن ًحد ى َط َطآى ِإ ْص َط ِإا َطيى َط َطآى ِإػ ْص َط اَط ى َطػ َط ى ْصا َطؼ اَط ِإ يَطى‬
‫ذ ِّر َّن ًحى َط ْصؼ ُن َط ى ِإ ْصيى َط ْصؼ ٍضى َط َّن ُنى َطص ِإ غٌعى َطػ ِإ ٌعىي‬
Allah chose Adam, Noah, the family of Abraham and the family of Imran above the
Alaamin (mankind and jinns) (of their times). Offspring, one of the other, and Allah is
the All-Hearer, All-Knower. 3:33-34
Imran alayhe salam was a pious, adherent, worshiping man whose family chain
linked back to Dawud alayhe salam. It was due to the piety of Al-Imran family that
Allah saved their generation from mischief and evil. However, Imran‟s wife, Hannah
bint Fakood alayha salam, was unable to give birth to children. One day after having
seen a mother bird care for its young by regurgitating food into their mouths, it was
then Hannah desired children for herself. This, however, was not conceivable since
she was beyond the child-bearing age, and was not even able to do so during those
years. She prayed to Allah for a child, and He who responds to his servant by “Kun
Fayakun”, answered her prayer. As soon as she felt the child‟s movements in her
womb, she promised to dedicate the child to the service of Allah, as gratitude to
(Remember) when the wife of Imran said, “Oh my Lord! I have vowed to You what
(the child that) is in my womb to be dedicated for Your services (free from all worldly
work; to serve Your place of worship), so accept this, from me. Verily, You are the
All-Hearer, the All-Knowing. 3:35
‫ِإ ْصذى َط اَط ِإى ْص َط َط ُنى ِإػ ْص َط اَط ى َط ِّر ى ِإ ِّر ى َط َط ْص ُن ىاَط َطى َط ى ِإ ى َط ْص ِإ ى ُن َطذ َّن ًح ى َط َط َط َّن ْص ى ِإ ِّر ى ِإ َّن َطى َط ْص َط ى ا َّنض ِإ غُنى ْصا َطؼ ِإ ُنيى‬
She wanted a male child to give to the maintenance of Beit AlMaqdis, a place
of worship in Jerusalem, since that was the tradition of the time. There were many
reasons for having a male in this position. The main reason was due to the
predominately male atmosphere which preferentially required men to be the family
delegate in the social setting. Another reason was when a woman is on her period,
she would be unable to attend to the place of worship‟s needs, which is a day-to-day
responsibility. Finally, the caretaker of Beit AlMaqdis would have to reside there or in
its proximity, potentially compromising the security of a female caretaker.
Finally, Hannah gave birth to a girl:
Then when she delivered her (child Mary), she said:
“Oh my Lord! I have delivered a female child,”-and Allah knew better what she
delivered- “And the male is not like the female, and I have named her Mary, and I
seek refuge with you (Allah) for her and for her offspring from Satan, the outcast.”
‫ى َط ِإ ِّر ى َطص َّن ْص ُن َط ى َط ْص َط َطيى َط ِإ ِّر ى‬
‫ِّر َّن َط َط ى ِإ يَط ى ا َّنل ْص َط ِإاى ا َّن ِإ ِإىي‬
‫ْصشى ا َّن َطك ُنى َطك ْصْلُن ْصثَط‬
‫ض َطؼ ْص ى َط اَط َط‬
‫ض ْصؼ ُن َط ى ُن ْصثَط ى َط َّن ُنى َط ْصػ َط ُنيى ِإ َط ى َط َط‬
‫ض َطؼ ْص َط ى َط اَط ْص ى َط ِّر ى ِإ ِّر ى َط َط‬
‫َط َط َّن ى َط َط‬
‫ُن ِإػ ُن اَط ى ِإ َطى َط ُنذ‬
Despite Hannah‟s disappointment, Allah knew ultimately what was best. He
had planned for Maryam alayha asalam to be the first female caretaker of Beit
Allah had bestowed upon Maryam alayha salam many blessings. The Prophet
Muhammad salla allahu alayhe wasalam said she is of the best of women. She is
among the four women that are guaranteed heaven. The others being Khadija, the
wife of the Prophet, Asiya, the wife of Fir‟aun, and Fatima, the daughter of Prophet
Muhammad. Maryam was the only woman whose son is attributed to her, rather than
the father. She was the only woman to have been chosen for the pure birth of a
prophet. She was also honored as being the mother of one of the most important
figures in history.
‫َط ِإ ِّر ى ُن ِإػ ُن اَط ى ِإ َطى َط ُنذ ِّر َّن َط َط ى ِإ يَط ى ا َّنل ْص َط ِإاى ا َّن ِإ ِإيى‬
“And I seek refuge with you (Allah) for her and for her offspring from Satan, the
outcast.” 3:36
In Bukhari, the Prophet said, “There is no newborn except the Shaytan pokes him in
his side, thereby coming out crying, except Maryam and her son.” Abu Huraira then
recited, “ ‫َط ِإ ِّر ى ُن ِإػ ُن اَط ى ِإ َطى َط ُنذ ِّر َّن َط َط‬
This hadith is evidence that Hannah‟s dua to seek refuge in Allah for her
progeny from the devil was answered. In fact, this dua was answered fully since
Maryam alayha salam and Isa alayhe salam did not have the effect of the devil on
them. This would have been true for any offspring that followed. However, her
lineage ended with Isa.
‫تَط َط‬