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The Top 5 Kettlebell Workout Mistakes
And How To Avoid Them
Geoff Neupert,
CSCS, Master RKC Instructor
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part of it without written consent from the author, except for the inclusion of brief
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The information in this report is for information purposes only. It is not intended to
treat or diagnose any illness, injury, or disease. If you have any questions about
the information herein as it applies to your health, consult your physician. The
author is not a licensed medical professional nor does he play one on TV.
Let me shoot straight from the hip here because I know youʼre time is very valuable.
If youʼre like me, you probably started using kettlebells because theyʼre supposed to
help you get in shape faster than any other tool on the market. Theyʼre supposed to
work easier than the other stuff. Right?
But what do we mean by “work” and what do we mean by “get in shape?”
Most people care only about one of two things when using kettlebells - getting better at
their sport and looking good nekkid.
Can I say that?
Now that youʼre done chuckling or giggling or being appalled and/or offended – at least I
have your attention.
And we can both agree that ultimately, when itʼs all said and done, most of us, myself
included, want to “look good naked.”
Is it vanity?
Perhaps. Perhaps not. Does it really matter? I think
But what does “look good naked” really mean?
I think for most of us itʼs not having too much fat in the
wrong places - we donʼt have to be “ripped,”
“shredded,” or look like a supermodel, but somewhere
relatively close would be nice, wouldnʼt it?
It would.
Hereʼs the reality - Most guys that I know want to feel
confident enough to take their shirt off at the beach or in
This gives new meaning to the
term “beer belly."
the locker room, or bedroom. They want to get rid of the
lovehandles and manboobs and just lean out - getting
back to what they looked like their senior year of high school when they were on a
sports team is usually the measuring stick. And letʼs face it, you feel more confident -

more powerful, more in control the better you think you look, right?
And most women I know would like to feel comfortable wearing a bikini - not that they
would do so, but at least they could if they chose that option. When you do feel that
comfortable about your body, you feel more beautiful both inside and out - more
desirable, right?
Of course.
We all associate how we look with how we feel. If that werenʼt the case, women would
buy nice clothes, use make up, get their nails done, and smell nice. And guys wouldnʼt
use hair gel or whatever, shave or “groom” and do all the stuff we do to feel powerful
and in control.
Of course.
And that gets us back to our beloved kettlebells.
You see, thatʼs one of the promises of using the kettlebell - that it will help us look and
feel a certain way - that way we want to feel and look (good nekkid...) faster with less
perceived effort and more convenience than any other tool on the market.
You may not agree with my logic, but on a gut level, you know thatʼs why you bought
your first kettlebell. Most of us did, including me. (For the record, I was “sold” on the
“gorilla shoulders and tree-swinging traps”...)
And for the most part, it was true - our kettlebells did help us achieve some of our
desired results faster.
But then it stopped.
And thatʼs why youʼre reading this Special Report. Because you want to know why and
what you can do to fix it.
And Iʼm going to show you.
Iʼve used kettlebells since January 2002. And theyʼve been awesome. They have been
everything I ever hoped they would be. I use them myself in various cycles through the
years and almost exclusively with my clients.
Iʼve got my ear to the ground and routinely read the forums and of course teach three to
five seminars a year. And because of that, I can say with certainty that there are many
reasons kettlebell users arenʼt successful.
Iʼve narrowed them down to the top five.
When you address these critical mistakes (that you may not know youʼre even doing),
and your make the changes I suggest, itʼs very possible, even probable, that you will
jump start your progress again - even dropping two to three pounds by this time next
So here they are...
Random Acts of Variety
Not fixing poor movement patterns
Focusing on quantity not quality
Trying to out-snatch a donut
Using the wrong set and rep ranges
Letʼs take a closer look…
Problem #1: Random Acts Of Variety.
The “Workout of the Day” exercise format
has become very popular over the last 5 or
so years. Thereʼs nothing wrong with them