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Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Inc.
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Eighteenth Printing 1994
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Kenneth Hagin Jr.
Chapter 1
For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth
any thing, nor uncircumcision; but FAITH
—Galatians 5:6
Most people in the faith message today are not
missing it in their confessions.
They are not missing it in knowing what the
Word of God says.
They are not missing it in believing the Word.
They are missing it by not knowing how to
walk in love.
The Lord gave me this teaching as I was
praying and asking Him questions about faith
people who are not getting answers to their
Faith is the hand that takes the things we need
from God. Everything Jesus purchased for us on
Calvary can be obtained by faith.
This includes salvation, healing, the fullness
of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, the fruit of the
spirit, and victory over the world, the flesh, the
devil, and all the powers of darkness. All of these
things come to us by faith—but it must be faith
that works by love. "Faith worketh by love..."
Faith teaching has been strong for many years
now. We have been hearing faith, healing,
prosperity, and all of these great truths preached
from the Word of God.
I realize that teachers sometimes overstate
certain things to make a point, but we are in danger
of becoming overbalanced in the area faith. We are
not getting some of the other basic teachings that
should go along with having faith.
Many people have the mistaken idea that just
because you are walking the faith walk, you are
never going to have any trials. They didn't get that
idea from my father, Kenneth E. Hagin, who is
considered the modern-day father of faith.
If you study his material carefully, you will
discover that concept never came from him. Some
people who are teaching his material are saying
things he never said—things they cannot back up
with the Word of God.
One of the reasons why faith is not working
for some of you is because you do not have a full
understanding of what the Word of God says. Faith
that works by love will measure up to all of the
standards set down in the Word of God.
I, too, could take several Old Testament
Scriptures, add some New Testament Scriptures,
and "prove" that it is right to do just about
anything. But that doesn't make it right! I can
create any doctrine I want by pulling Scriptures out
of context—but I can't prove this so-called
doctrine if I take the preceding and following
verses in context.
Part of the love walk is being able to stand up
and preach with a truth what God's Word says, not
some doctrine created from isolated Scriptures.
For a while, because of this kind of wrong
teaching, people got so much into "confession"
that they couldn't even make a statement in fun,
and yet the Lord seems to have a good sense of
humor! Certainly we need to be careful about our
confessions, but we need to be even more careful
about our daily lives.
You see, we become so accustomed to doing
certain things in the natural that we never realize
these things are hindering us in the spiritual—
things like losing our temper! To make faith work
in our lives, we must protect ourselves in every
Bible teachers say we must have faith to