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Science of Being
By Eugene Fersen
Copyright 1923
The original printing of this book was infused with magnetic vibrations by
the Baron Eugene Fersen and printed on special paper using special ink.
Students used to carry Science of Being with them everywhere!
The original copies of Science of Being are very valuable, since only 5,000
copies were originally printed. However, the information presented is more
valuable than any limited edition copy!
The 27 Lessons is very practical in its presentation. You will find the
Science of Being to have a more spiritual bent.
Please do not be alarmed by the use of swastikas in this work. Science of
Being was published before the Nazis came into power. The swastika was
well known as a symbol for good until it was misused in Germany.
I still go back and for the with the legend, “The Dream.”
Some moments I agree, others I don’t. Whether you agree with all of the
information presented is of little consequence. You will find a pearl of great
price within the teachings of Baron Eugene Fersen.
I hope you will come to enjoy this magnificent work as much as I have.
To your success and well-being,
Cara Yowell
© Cara Yowell 2008