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Data Sheet
Cisco SX20 Quick Set
Product overview
The Cisco SX20 Quick Set (SX20 Quick Set) can transform any flat panel display into a sleek and powerful video
conferencing system. The SX20 Quick Set is designed to deliver high definition video and multiparty conferencing
with the flexibility to accommodate various room size and configurations - all at a value price. The SX20 Quick Set
supports optional embedded multipoint support with Cisco® MultiSite technology, enabling users to add three
additional participants to a video call.
SX20 Quick Set combines a powerful codec, premium resolution of 1080p, two camera choices, and a dual-display
feature in an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use solution. Whether you're a small business just getting started with
telepresence or a large enterprise looking to expand your existing deployment, the SX20 Quick Set delivers the
performance you would expect from more expensive systems - in a compact, feature-rich and affordable package.
Now, the SX20 Quick Set supports cloud registration to Cisco Webex for even faster and more cost effective
deployment1. Cisco SX20 Quick Set is designed to truly extend the power of in-person to everyone, everywhere.
Figure 1.
Cisco SX20 quick set in a small meeting room environment
Features and benefits
Table 1 summarizes the primary features for the Cisco SX20 Quick Set.
Table 1.
Cisco SX20 Quick Set feature summary
Feature summary
Design Features
● Transforms a flat panel display into a 1080p high-definition meeting space
Requires Collaboration Endpoint Software Version 8.2 or later (CE8)
© 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.
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● Intuitive connections make setup as easy as connecting a DVD player
● Provides up to 1080p60 resolution - compatible with standards-based video without loss of features
● Sleek, compact design
Application Features
● Multimedia and presentations can be shared at the touch of a button
● Supports Cisco Intelligent Proximity for content sharing to mobile devices and wireless sharing from Macs and PCs2
● Supports Switched Conferencing (SVC) for enhanced layouts2
● Easily control room peripherals such as lights, room dividers, curtains, directly from the Cisco Touch 10 control unit
(optional) through customizable API3 (requires external third-party control system processor)
● Participate in white boarding sessions from Cisco Webex Teams app; receive on-screen notification of shared white
board content (supported on cloud-registered devices)
● Basic API available over IP (Telnet or Secure Shell Protocol [SSH]) or over RS-232 with USB adapter
● Dual-display
● High-definition content sharing up to 1080p30 resolution
● Simplified meeting-join experience with One Button to Push (OBTP) for scheduled devices in Cisco Webex
meetings, whether registered on-prem or to the cloud
Performance Features
● Premium resolution (1080p60)
● H.323/SIP calls up to 6 Mbps
● Built-in individually transcoded multipoint conferencing (optional) offers ability to add three additional participants
● Easy provisioning and self-configuration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco TelePresence
Video Communications Server (VCS), or Cisco WebEx TelePresence
● Takes advantage of the Cisco TelePresence Total Solution approach, including Cisco TelePresence ad-hoc
conferencing features, recording and streaming, and firewall traversal services
● Cisco Unified Communications Manager native support (requires Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version
8.6 or higher)
Figure 2.
Cisco SX20 Quick Set on optional wall mount
Requires Collaboration Endpoint Software Version 8.0 or later (CE8)
Requires Collaboration Endpoint Software Version 8.1 or later (CE8)
© 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.
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Product specifications
Table 2 lists the product capability specifications for the Cisco SX20 Quick Set.
Table 2.
Product specifications
Software compatibility
● Cisco TelePresence Software Version TC 5.1 or later
● Cisco Collaboration Endpoint Software Version 8.0 or later (requires Touch 10 or TRC6 remote control)
Product delivered with
● SX20 Codec
● Cisco Precision Camera (choice of Precision 40 or 12X)
Cisco Table Microphone 20
● TRC6 remote control
● Cables and power supply
Optional hardware
● Cisco Touch 10 control unit
● Wall mount kit
● Additional microphone
● Presentation cable (VGA or HDMI)
● Camera mount bracket for P40 or 12X
● Spare: TRC5 remote control to be used with TC 7.3 software can be acquired as spare
● H.323 and SIP up to 6 Mbps
Minimum bandwidth for
resolution/frame rate
● 720p30 from 768 kbps
● 720p60 from 1152 kbps
● 1080p30 from 1472 kbps
● 1080p60 from 2560 kbps
Firewall Traversal
● Cisco TelePresence Expressway Technology
● H.460.18, H.460.19 firewall traversal
Video Standards
● H.263, H.263+, H.264
Video Features
● Native 16:9 widescreen
● Advanced screen layouts