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ASEA Compensation Plan
To start earning commissions (Retail, Preferred
Customer, Fast Start, Team Commissions, and
AAA Bonus) simply be active by generating a
minimum of 100PV (Personal Volume) every
month. If your goal is to earn additional commissions (Check Match), focus on generating
a minimum of 200PV each month. Before you
know it, you’ll be receiving checks because
the Retail, Preferred Customer, Fast Start,
Team Commissions and Check Match are paid
weekly, and the AAA Bonus is paid monthly.
Retail Sales are just one way to make a profit. Sell some ASEA and increase your earnings! Here’s
how it works. As an Associate, you can purchase ASEA products at the wholesale price, sell them
at the retail price, and then pocket the difference. Or you can send someone to your website
where they can purchase ASEA products at the retail price and we will pay you $30, the difference
between the retail ($150) and wholesale price ($120). The volume generated from retail sales is
100CV (Commissionable Volume) per case and counts towards personal volume requirements and
is added to your lesser volume leg.
When you sign up a Preferred Customer, you’ll both benefit! Your Preferred Customer will get a
discount on the product with wholesale pricing through ASEA’s Preferred Customer Autoship
Program, and you will earn a $25 bonus every time they purchase a case of ASEA on Autoship. If
they purchase two cases of product, then you’ll receive $50, and so on. To receive this bonus you
must be active (generating 100PV in a month). The volume for each case purchased by a Preferred
Customer is 50CV and this volume counts towards personal volume requirements and is added to
your lesser volume leg.
You can earn an instant Fast Start Bonus every time you personally sponsor someone who
purchases an ASEA Product Pack during the enrollment process. Even better, this one-time Fast
Start Bonus will be given to you and your qualified uplines who are active.
Product Pack
8 Cases
4 Cases
2 Cases
1 Case
1st upline from enroller
2nd upline from enroller
*If any Associate in the 3 qualified positions for Fast Start is not eligible, the commission they would have received will compress up to the next level, guaranteeing a 100%
payout of the Fast Start Bonus.
**Product Pack example based on cases of ASEA bottles. Price and bonus represented in USD.
The AAA Bonus is by far the most powerful and immediately lucrative residual portion of the ASEA
Compensation Plan. As you begin to build your team of Associates the AAA (ASEA Autoship
Advantage) Program will help to return your initial investment in your ASEA business. You can also
qualify to make up to $750 a month by creating and maintaining a AAA Bonus Structure with as
little as 28 Associates on Autoship. To participate in the AAA Bonus Program make sure you and
all of the qualifiers are on Autoship with a minimum of 100PV per order.
There are three levels to this bonus, shown below.
Level 1: 4 personally sponsored Associates on Autoship
$100 Bonus
Level 2: 2 of the 4 level 1 Associates must have 4 personally
sponsored Associates on Autoship* for a total of 8
$250 Bonus
Level 3: 4 of the level 2 Associates must have 4 personally
sponsored Associates on Autoship for a total of 16
$400 Bonus
Total monthly potential bonus: $750
Team Commissions (TC) are the foundation of the ASEA
compensation plan. Your organization of Associates is
known as the binary, and has two legs—your left leg and
your right leg. All of the Associates placed under you will
be in one of these legs. Associates under you in your binary do not necessarily have to be personally sponsored
by you. You, your sponsor, or anyone else above you in
the binary can place Associates in your organization in
either one of your legs. This is known as spillover. Your
Group Volume (GV) is the sum total of the PV of all Associates in all or a portion of your organization.