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The Activ8 Compensation Plan is a revolutionary concept which allows for truly unmatched potential for long-term
residual wealth. Designed from its very inception to create real opportunity, the Activ8 Compensation Plan identifies
and overcomes the industry’s most prevalent concerns and creates an incomparable culture, lifestyle, and income
potential. This document is designed to be very detail-oriented, allowing for all engaged ARIIX Representatives to
fully understand all the bonuses and processes that they will be a part of in regards to the Activ8 Compensation Plan.
This document is not intended for recruitment or marketing, but to be a straight forward explanation of the processes
involved in the technical programming for calculating commissions.
Commission Periods
Commission Periods of ARIIX begin each Saturday at 12:00 AM (MST), and close each Friday at 11:59 PM (MST).
All the sales activity that takes place during the week within that timeframe will be considered for commission and
bonus qualification payout. This weekly payout schedule will create 52 commission periods for every calendar year –
designated by the week and year of that period. For example, the first commission week within 2017 will be
designated ‘1/2017’, while the 20th commission weekly period in 2017 will be designated ’20/2017.’
Representatives who have a business level or higher, are given at least one extra Business Day, to generate
additional sales that can be applied to the prior week at their discretion. This is referred to as flextime.
Individuals who have become Representatives of ARIIX, and subsequently have generated volume either from
personal consumption or from volume created from purchases and subsequent sales of products to consumers
reaching the minimum sales threshold, will become eligible for commissions for 4 subsequent weeks. This 4 week
period is referred to as a Cycle. Sufficient sales must be generated each cycle to maintain commission eligibility.
Types of Consumers
A Member is an individual purchasing with ARIIX. They are able to purchase ARIIX products at a discount, qualify for
product discounts through the Auto-Delivery Program and IIX Membership, acquire an Income Position within the
tree genealogy, and earn Product Rebates from their large product orders. Members have filled out a Member
Application form, agreed to the Terms & Conditions, as well as the Policies & Procedures, and have been Sponsored
by an ARIIX Representative.
An ARIIX Representative has all the privileges of a Member (provided they adhere to their Membership Agreement)
plus additional rights. These include, but are not limited to; the ability to enroll Preferred Customers, Members, and or
Representatives. Additionally, ARIIX Representatives are able to earn commissions based upon their activity within
the Activ8 Compensation Plan. A Member has the right to become a Representative upon the following conditions;
1. They introduce another individual customer to ARIIX products and wish to receive commissions from ARIIX
on the sale of those products, or
2. they Introduce at least one individual or entity that enrolls a Preferred Customer, Member or Representative
with ARIIX and wish to receive commissions on the volume generated from either, and
3. sign an additional Representative Agreement with ARIIX making them commission eligible.
Last updated 12.28.16
The business owned by a Representative is referred to as a Distributorship.
Direct Customers
A Direct Customer is an individual that purchases products directly from an ARIIX Representative or Member. Direct
Customers are not enrolled within ARIIX. The price Direct Customers pay for ARIIX products is determined by a
Representative but must be at or above the purchase price paid by the ARIIX Representative. However, ARIIX
strongly recommends that the selling price should be the suggested retail price which is approximately 43% above
the best price a Member or Representative can buy ARIIX products given the 15% discount they receive if they are
on Auto-Delivery, and an additional 15% off if they are on 2X Members. This allows Representatives the ability to
make a Retailing profit based on difference between their price paid and the price they collected for sold products.
Preferred Customers
Preferred Customers are registered with ARIIX and pay the Retail Price. However, when the enroll in the AutoDelivery Program, Preferred Customers will receive 15% of the Retail Price as long as they remain on the AutoDelivery Program.
Preferred Customers are not allowed to sponsor Representatives or Members, they are not able to earn commissions
through the Activ8 Compensation Plan. They are not given any Income Positions within the ARIIX Genealogy
Organization. All volume generated from Preferred Customers are assigned to the sponsoring Representative and
are placed within their organization for that Commission Period which would generate the highest commissions for
the sponsor of the Preferred Customer for that particular commission period (see Auto-Balancing below).
IIX Membership
Any consumer of ARIIX products has the opportunity to purchase or acquire a IIX Membership (Pronounced “TwoX”). Once the IIX Membership is acquired, that consumer will receive an additional 15% discount on the retail price of
all product purchases for life. The IIX Membership status is earned as follows:
Preferred Customer;
A. Acquired immediately based on a one-time lifetime purchase price of $25 USD,
B. Acquired Immediately with an initial order purchase of 200 points or more worth of product, or
C. Acquired after an accumulation of 200 points worth of products within a one year period.
Until the Preferred Customer has the IIX Membership, any difference in the price the Preferred Customer pay's in
comparison to their sponsor, will be paid to their Sponsoring Representative in commissions as a retail incentive.
A. Attain Business Level or Higher,
B. Within the first 4 weeks of enrollment, purchase the IIX Membership.
Once the IIX Membership is acquired, Representatives will be qualified for special perks and bonuses. With the IIX
Membership, eligible Representatives will double their earnings from numerous Bonuses within the Activ8
Compensation Plan as outlined below.
Last updated 12.28.16
All consumers of ARIIX products are offered the opportunity to participate in the Auto-Delivery Program, which allows
them to receive their product at their door every cycle (four weeks). As an added benefit, individuals with Active Auto
Deliveries receive an additional 15% discount off the retail price beyond all other discounts. The Auto-Delivery
Program is an easy way to ensure that Representatives receive the products they need for optimal health each
month, as well as one of several ways available to remain active within the Activ8 Compensation Plan.
To activate your membership with ARIIX, simply sell or consume twice the minimum sales threshold within
your first year of enrollment. Enrollment occurs with the purchase of a starter kit (called the Business
Orientation Selling System or BOSS for short).
[The minimum sales threshold varies by market. Please refer to Appendix A below.]
For Members and Representatives to be eligible for Rebates or Commissions respectively, here is what they must
1. Adhere to their Membership Agreement
2. Purchase at least the minimum sales threshold every year.
Any product purchased beyond the minimum threshold in a cycle generate a rebate.
1. Adhere to their Representative Agreement
2. Sell or Consume at least the minimum sales threshold every year.
Any sales generated beyond the minimum threshold in a cycle generate a commission. Sales are
generated by personal purchases, sales to retail customers, and sales to preferred customers.
Thus Representatives do not need to place ANY purchases to be commission eligible.
The minimum sales threshold varies by market. Please refer to Appendix A below.]
Last updated 12.28.16
Active Status
Failure to generate the annual minimum sales will serve as notification of cancellation of their Distributorship by the
Member or Representative to ARIIX. As a cancelled Distributorship, the Member or Representative is subject to