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Jack Lettiere, Jr., President
New Jersey Department of Transportation
American Association of
State Highway and
Transportation Officials
John Horsley
Executive Director
Dear Customer:
Due to errors found after the publication had been completed, AASHTO has reprinted the pages listed below and made the
following errata changes to the Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, 17th Edition:
Page No(s).
Affected Article
Errata Change
p. lxxiii/p. lxxiv
Add “Figure Location of Equivalent Footing after Duncan and
Buchignami (1976)…104.1” to the list of figures
p. lxxxiii/p. lxxxiv
Add the following paragraph: “As referenced in Section and 4.13.2,
the following figures have been reprinted from the 1993 Commentary of the
1993 Interims to the Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges:”
Front Matter
Add “Figure C4. Uplift of Group of Closely-Spaced Piles in
Cohesionless Soils…104.2” directly below Commentary references
Add “Figure C4. Uplift of Group of Piles in Cohesive Soils after
Tomlinson (1987)…104.2” directly below Commentary references
Add “Figure C4. Elastic Settlement Influence Factor as a Function of
Embedment Ratio and Modulus Ratio after Donald, Sloan, and Chiu, 1980, as
presented by Reese and O’Neill (1988)…104.2” directly below Commentary
Add “Figure C4. Bearing Capacity Coefficient, Ksp after Canadian
Geotechnical Society (1985)…104.2” directly below Commentary references
Division I – Design
p. 17/p.18
Article 3.1
Reference to “Figure 3.7.3A” should read “Figure 3.7.7A”
Executive Office: 444 N. Capitol St., N.W., Suite 249, Washington, D.C. 20001
Telephone (202) 624-5800 Telefax (202) 624-5806 Telex 49000095800 HTO
March 2005
Page No(s).
Affected Article
Errata Change
p. 39/p. 40
Reference to “Article 20.19.1” should read “Article 16.3.14”
p. 53/p. 54
Insert correct Figure
p. 95/p. 96
Article 4.11.2
Remove the letter “C” from the following references: “Article C4.10.4” and
“Article C4.”
p. 115/p. 116
Reference to “1996 Commentary, Division 1A, Article 6, in particular Equation
C6-10 of these specifications” should read “AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design
Specifications, 2nd Edition”
p. 157/p. 158
Reference to “Article” should read “Article”
p. 239/p. 240
Add missing square root symbol to “ 4 f c′b′ d ” so that it reads “ 4
p. 249/p. 250
Article 9.28.1
Add the multiplier “1.6” so that the equation reads “ 1.6 ⎜ fsu −

f c′ b′ d ”

fse ⎟ D ”
p. 253/p. 254
Article 10.1.1
Reference to “Article 10.38.17” for notation Fv should read “Article”
p. 255/p. 256
Article 10.1.1
Reference to “Article” for notation Vu should read “Article 10.53.3”
p. 289/p. 290
Article 10.32.1
In Table 10.32.1A, “
p. 339/p. 340
Article 12.1.2
Remove the following: “Cdl = dead load adjustment coefficient (Article”
135, 000, 740
( KL / r )
” should read “
135, 008, 740
( KL / r )2

Reference to “Article” for MdA should read “Article”